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INTRODUCTION is built on the premise that multiple art forms, when combined creatively, can produce new works of art that are exponentially greater than the sum of its parts. We also believe that art is an experience that can be delivered through multiple human senses, to create a deeper and more complex level of engagement with the audience. seeks to create a composite visual, aural, aromatic and savory experience by marrying the work of artists, dj’s, chefs and sommeliers in a single space. It will be a platform to promote these individuals through collective collaboration.

EXPERIENCE The audience is taken on a journey through visual art, music, food, wines and aromatics that are presented to complement one another. The relationship between each of the components is curated collectively by the artists in each domain and The audience will be “guided” through the experience by bringing together various components at a single location within the space. seeking inspired visual artists, DJ’s, chefs, winemakers, sommeliers and gallerists as partners to create this innovative and unique art installation in a world class space.

THE SPACE invites you to be part of our specially curated events by our carefully selection process, take part in our events or be curated and featured on our website.

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